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Helpful Information About Sunscreens

At AR Sunscreens in Rocklin, CA, we want our clients to understand how they can benefit from sunscreens. Please take the time to read our answers to frequently asked questions about our solar screens and installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use window sunscreens for insect protection?
A: Yes. Window sunscreens can protect your home against insects. They can be used to replace regular insect screens.

Q: What are solar screens? How are they different from sunscreens?
A: Solar screens are exterior window and door treatments that are customized to fit your window and door openings. Our treatments at AR Sunscreens will prevent up to 90% of the sun’s rays from entering your home or office.

Sunscreens and solar screens are synonymous and can be used interchangeably. The terms are used to describe green products that block the sun.

Q: Will solar screens make my rooms too dark?
A: No. You will still receive ample sunlight inside your home, and the light that passes through our solar screens is softer on the eyes. Also, the glare on your television screen will be reduced.

Indoor plants grow well even if you have 80% solar screens installed. 90% screens may solve your glare issues, though they may also darken your rooms.

Q: Should I buy 80% or 90% solar screens?
A: 80% solar screens block 80% of the sun’s rays and are great if you want visibility. However, if your main concern is maximum protection, purchase 90% solar screens. They offer less visibility, but they block 90% of the sun’s rays.

Q: Will I be able to see out my window? Will other people be able to see into my window?
A: 80% and 90% solar screens allow visibility from the inside. Other people cannot see into your home during the daytime, but you will be able to see out your window. However, at night, solar screens do not offer privacy if there is light inside the room.

Q: Should I remove my solar screens when winter comes around?
A: Unless you want more light during winter, you don’t have to remove your screens. Keeping them mounted has a benefit. Our solar screens can insulate your windows and protect them from the cold.

Q: What can I benefit from solar screens?
A: When constantly exposed to the sun, the furniture, carpets, drapes, blinds, and photos inside your house begin to deteriorate and discolor. Solar screens can block those harmful solar rays.

Solar screens also reduce the workload of your air conditioning system. This not only lengthens the life of your unit but also allows you to save energy.

Q: Can solar screens really prevent my furnishings from fading?
A: Yes. Solar screens greatly reduce the UV rays that enter your home. We carry the best TEXTILENE® solar screen materials, which blocks up to 90% of UV rays that damage your furniture, draperies, carpet, fabric, and wood floors.

Q: How soon can you install my custom solar screens?
A: The sales, manufacturing, and installation process of custom-made solar screens usually take 7 to 14 business days in the summer. In our off-season months, we can have your solar screens installed in 5 to 7 business days.

Top Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Screens

  1. Solar screens provide exterior sun shading, which prevents heat from entering your home. It is similar to having a shade tree in front of every window.
  2. The fabric’s open weave design absorbs the sun’s energy, which is then dissipated in the mesh as air passes through. This means the sun’s energy is deflected before it reaches your window.
  3. Solar screens block an average of 90% of the sun’s rays and heat. That is just the average with the sun at all profile angles. If the sun is in the southern or western sky and at a high profile angle, solar screens can block almost 100% of the rays.
  4. Your furnishings, carpet, and artwork will not rapidly fade or discolor because solar screens block the damaging UV rays.
  5. Solar screens block visible light and heat that cause 44% of the temperature increase in your home or office.
  6. Installing solar screens will not void your window manufacturer’s warranty. If tint or film is used, most manufacturers will void their warranty.
  7. Unlike window tint or film, solar screens can be removed, allowing you to clean your windows when you want. Additionally, you can increase the temperature inside your home in the winter through passive solar heating.
  8. Due to the third layer of the insulation that solar screens provide, your double-pane windows will be 15% more energy-efficient in winter.
  9. Nobody will be able to see into your home in the daytime. You can keep your shutters, blinds, and drapes open all day because solar screens can provide privacy without making your rooms dark.
  10. You get more natural light indoors, lower cooling bills, save on energy, and help conserve the environment.

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